Work experience

Work experience at companies focusing on eCommerce, online education, marketing agencies, and design agencies. Download resume


Art Direction

Visual Design

  • Books [book covers and interiors]
  • Brochures and Catalogs
  • Identity Systems and Branding¬†
  • Illustration [watercolor, Fimo, papercrafting, pen & ink, or digital]
  • Marketing [print/online ads, direct mail, posters, and press kits]
  • Packaging [CD/DVD, food/beverage, games, novelties]
  • Periodicals [magazine and newsletter mastheads/editorials/features]

Press Checks

Production and specs

Project Management

Style guides


  • Customer Journey mapping [current and future innovation]
  • Design, user-interaction and configurability of websites and apps
  • Page flow
  • Research and user testing
  • Wireframes

That thing we do

We look. We listen. We learn. Designers are concerned with the way things look, how it functions and the way users interact with that functionality. Listening to users is integral to the learning process and the success of the final outcome is determined by how well designers are able to distill it into a tangible visual medium.