Community Science media kit

The Community Science organization wanted an updated logo.

The word science lends itself to visions of logic, sterile environments and austerity. Thus, a challenge was born: How could I ensure that the word science did not overwhelm the role of the community aspect of this company’s vision?

Community Science is about transformative change within and for communities, working through its organizations, leaders, and practitioners. They do this through the study and research of human connections, collecting data to provide knowledge on how to be a community, and how to build and maintain meaningful relationships.

The brand needed to look clean and fresh without being trendy and yet be seen as an organization with values, anchored in knowledge, research, and community. I designed the logo to convey a sense of infinity and continuity. The logo had such positive feedback that they wanted me to continue working with them to create a brochure, tearsheets, and a media kit folder.

I designed a pattern of connecting circles using photographs of people, splashes of color, and words to tie the system together.