Poster design

Telling a story with one image is what I find most thought-provoking about designing posters. The posters shown here are ones that were typically on display for weeks in an office or educational setting.

In the case of “Quest” posters, I wanted to offer something new with every view. The aim was to inspire children in an educational adventure quest, which was a real-time learning experience.

What was fun about creating the Quest posters was knowing that they would be the focal point for all the anticipation and excitement the kids had for the event. The “International Trade” silk-screened poster is quieter and for a more sobering cause: the exploitation of children. It speaks to the idea that some secrets have to be shared. The international issue first drew my attention when researching for an art college project.

My finished project was a poster that I sent to the USA ECPAT branch in New York. They liked it, and I began freelancing for them pro bono.